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April 2007

Burrito Fit For A King Of The Jungle

Lions eat burritos. Female lions can still be jungle kings.

Zoo keepers were unavailable to comment on the burrito filling, but speculation points to antelope, gazelle, warthog, wildebeest, buffalo or zebra burritos as lion favorites.

Photo taken at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. That town is nutty.

Sorry, dear readers, for not posting much recently. I have been out of town for a two week wedding extravagana '07. Time to get back to eating and typing.

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Price Hikes At Boca Grande

The Brighton location of Boca Grande hosted a price adjustment, witnessed yesterday. Chances are the ripple was felt by Boca patrons in all locations.

Though menus and placards have yet to indicate the new prices, a clear but small sign at the register cites a 30% hike in food costs (the cost they pay for unprepared food - costs to the consumer rose less than 30%) as driving the increase.

Rival Anna's Taqueria raised prices more than once before Boca responded by widening the price gap. See also: Fed Stabilizes, Anna's Raises, Consumer Price Index and Tacos, and No Longer Under Five Dollars.

I'm not sure how much yesterday's chicken grande burrito cost exactly, but it passed the $5.00 mark without sour cream or guacamole. Price comparison to follow when Boca prints up new menus.

If you want quality, you've got to cough up a few extra quarters.

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Pink Taco Taste Testing

Yes, they really did name a restaurant 'Pink Taco.' I try pretty hard to avoid establishments that meet the following criteria:
  • are lame
  • have table service
Though flagged as both 'lame' and 'serious about service' the Pink Taco somehow made it into Burrito Blog.
With locations in Los Angeles, CA, Scottsdale, AZ, and Las Vegas Nevada, the Pink Taco appears to be a legitimate restaurant. The even serve food, evidenced by the ridiculous, sparkling menu.

Chicago's Junior Burrito Analyst Ethan and I met up at the Pink Taco in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for a snack before the inevitable mess that being a bachelor party attendee would bring. He swore that someone wanted to make the Cardinals play in Pink Taco Stadium. The kid doesn't lie.

We both got the house special, the panuchos, a.k.a. Pink Tacos. Hey, when in Rome.

According to the menu on the official site, panuchos are corn tortillas stuffed with beans and topped with grilled chicken, salsa roja, pickled onions, and avocado. Served with rice and beans on the side, three panuchos go for $8.50.

Pickled onions. That's the pink stuff.

They were worth the money for sure, but half the draw of the restaurant is absurd ambiance, which Burrito Blog conveys poorly. Ethan didn't like the pink onions, and I had a problem with their single tortilla tacos. Come on, don't skimp me on the cheapest part of the meal. Legit tacos have two tortillas.

Fans of Chili's and Hooters, you'll probably love this place.

This {Other} meal was rated: 4.2.

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The Huevos Rancheros Dating Scene

This is starting to get out of hand. I keep ordering huevos rancheros and they keep leaving me longing for that love at first sight moment. Ever been on a bad third date and wonder what happened since the first two? Well here we are, huevos rancheros.

Consider these dates uno y dos.

There wasn't anything bad about this plate. The eggs were a bit overdone but I dig the verde sauce. The rice could have been at fault - a little bland. The good news is you can order this plate at night. Still, I don't know what's missing in my huevos rancheros relationship. Help me.

Update: I've received a few emails to check out the Centre Street Cafe in JP. I'm on it.

This Taqueria El Mariachi meal was rated: 5.4.

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Not All Chile Rellenos Are Created Equal

Not long after raving about TaQueria La Mexicana's Chile Rellenos, I hit the new Boca Grande in Kenmore Square.

Boca has the occasional special, one of the things that make them truly great. Seeing chile rellenos as the special of the day, my previous lunch plans of enchilada glory were quickly abandoned.

Well, kudos to Boca Grande for trying, but these chile rellenos were a bit of a let down. They took a while to prepare, and were heavy on the water and cheese with no substantial filling.

Unrelated, the Kenmore Boca Grande has bottles instead of fountain sodas, just in case that's important to you.

This Boca Grande Taqueria meal was rated: 3.9.

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DJ Turbz Summer Forecast

Turbz and I met up for lunch at Anna's Taqueria on Harvard Street in Brookline a couple weeks ago.

We talked about the beaches and the summer. Since high school and as roommates in Roslindale, we've made countless beach trips.

I'm looking forward to getting back to that. Summer here we come!

A fan of the beans and rice burrito, Turbz switched it up and went with the super chicken burrito.

Burrito weight: 19.2 oz | Price: $4.25 | FDR: 4.52

I had two tacos al pastor and a carnitas taco. Note that the tortillas on the al pastor tacos (left) are slightly smaller than those of the carnitas (right), in line with their pricing: $1.35 and $2.05.

Tacos combined weight 10.1 oz | $4.95 | FDR: 2.04

This Anna's Taqueria meal was rated: 6.7.

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Anna's Taqueria Rumor #2: Delivery

This sign was spotted on the dashboard of a car outside of Anna's on Harvard street.

Think what you like. Personally I doubt it.

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