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Stingy With The Hot Sauce

Though lacking the supreme authority of Hot Sauce Blog, occasionally we delve into the world of bottled condiments.

My local Wahoo's puts a bottle of Tapatio on every table, and hides the lone Cholula bottle by the fountain soda machine.

Why? Cholula is a coveted resource, second only to pure gold (and potions known to more knowledgeable hot sauce lovers). Tapatio is like gravel.

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Indecent Tortilla Exposure

Unless served 'enchilado style,' most burritos are served with some layer of protection not fit for consumption, usually paper or aluminum foil.

Wahoo's Fish Taco serves 'em naked. They have table service and real plates, so one could make the argument that no wrapping is needed.

No. This is indecent tortilla exposure, and Burrito Blog is slapping the cuffs on you. Wahoo's, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you email me can and will be used in future posts.

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Banzai = Zucchini At Wahoo's

The Banzai burrito was featured on the menu, so I figured I'd give it a try. Included in the Banzai are "fresh teryaki sauteed veggies."

I was, of course, alarmed.

There are first times for everything. Zucchini is:

variety of squash having an elongated shape and a smooth, thin, dark green rind
and this was the first time it appeared in my burrito. Red peppers were the complementing vegetable included in the teryaki medley.

I think this would have been a little better as a rice bowl. Like the buffalo sauce at Boloco, this was just a little too experimental for my taste.

This Wahoo's Fish Taco meal was rated: 4.4.

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Welcome To Wahoo's Fish Taco

Please note: though commonly spoken as Wahoo's Fish Tacos, the taco is actually singular. Of course, as a paying customer, you are permitted to purchase more than one taco at a time.

They feature table service and beer, but you order at the counter.

Wahoo's has over 30 locations in California and Colorado, with more on the way in Texas and Hawaii. Like many of the other multi-state chains, Wahoo's is a franchise, though at this time they are not seeking franchise applicants.

When you walk into Wahoo's you get this overwhelming California feel. There are skate, surf, and music stickers all over everything. I mean everything.

At my first visit to Wahoo's in Santa Monica, I spotted a sticker for Elliott's False Cathedrals.

I was love struck by the ambiance.

Check out the official site here.

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