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Strike A Pose

Kristin pays more attention to the camera than the tortilla filled with delicious goodness. We were at Cosmic Cantina, where they serve sangria by the pitcher and have happy hour specials.

Dear Boston,

I miss you, but you don't have happy hour specials.



Tuesday, September 27, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Strike A Pose

Two Thumbs Up To Kyra

Dear Burrito Blog Readers,

Meet Kyra. John and I think she rocks. Here's why:

#1: She works at the Cosmic Cantina in New York's Union Square

#2: She knows burritos. She's an industry professional.

#3: She's the best waitress ever. True story.

#4: She is the only burrito employee to ever discover Burrito Blog before we discovered her.

#5: We found her menu knowledge and recommendations to be exceptional.

Sorry, Jessie, you are no longer The Cosmic Cantina Expert. There are two of you.

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They Can Mini Anything

Not to be confused with Anthony, Master Of The Mini, John displays how a menu item at the Union Square, NY location of Cosmic Cantina can be reduced in both size and price.

How efficient! Dim sum burritos?

This Cosmic Cantina meal was rated: 7.0.

Saturday, September 03, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for They Can Mini Anything

The Cosmic Cantina Expert Speaks

Jessie told me to go to Cosmic Cantina. I was not so impressed, but apparently I went to the wrong one:

Jonah: so I went to cosmic cantina
Jessie: where at
Jonah: NYC. NC was just too far away
Jessie: yea, but the nyc one isnt as good, so don't judge based on that. but whatd you think??
Jonah: eh. it's on
Jessie: oh. ok this is sad, but i promise you the durham cosmic is the best
Jonah: what?
Jessie: chapel hill is next best and then nyc
Jonah: have you been to all 3?!
Jessie: yea
Jonah: you have an expert opinion! can I quote you?
Jessie: are you kidding?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for The Cosmic Cantina Expert Speaks

Char Burrito

As mentioned, the process at Cosmic Cantina includes grilling the burrito after wrapping it in foil. First, this makes the preparation take a little longer.

No problem. I'll sip some sangria. Take your time.

Second, there seems to be less quality control, as not all burritos lay on the stove the same way.

I've got give credit where credit is due. Taco Bell had the QC figured out on their assembly line style grilled stuft burrito. The grilling was uniform in its distribution on both sides of the burrito.

Overall, I was disappointed, but will try it again one day.

This Cosmic Cantina meal was rated: 3.6.

Friday, May 20, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Char Burrito

Welcome To Cosmic Cantina

Cosmic Cantina was first introduced to me soon after Burrito Blog's inception. There are three locations: Union Square in Manhattan (Map), Durham, NC (Map), and Chapel Hill, on the UNC Campus (Map).

This place boasts organic burritos. I suppose I can't argue with that.

They steam their tortillas like Anna's Taqueria, Boca Grande, and others, but then they wrap them in foil and put them on the stove for a little burnt flavor. It's interesting.

The New York location has a liquor license, which is nice, and has a bar-ish atmosphere to it. Here's the secret sauce: the NYC Cosmic Cantina closes at 5am.

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Donde Esta Cosmic Cantina?

I heard a rumor that there's a burrito shop in Chapel Hill, Durham, and NYC called Cosmic Cantina. Aussie prize fighter Jessie Polini claims it's delicious, and that girl can't tell a lie.

I'm always up for a little road trip. It's time for a burrito testing adventure!

Can I sleep on your couch?

Monday, March 28, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Donde Esta Cosmic Cantina?