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December 2006

Felipe's After Bar, No Chicken Verde

As anyone who has been to Felipe's will tell you, it doesn't get any busier than around 2am on a Friday or Saturday.

A few of us decided to try and beat the Felipe's rush by leaving the bar at 1:30am. We were not successful.

There's been a lot of speculation that the Boston area burrito title is up for grabs. Given the bitter rivalries and remarkable similarities between Anna's, Boca, and Felipe's, it's no surprise that these are usually the three finalists. DJ Turbz (top) and Chris (left) give the vote to Felipe's.

I was a little mad at Felipe's 'cause they ran out of the chicken verde, which is my favorite. Instead I went with a steak burrito. I'm still leaning towards Anna's for the steak, but for the chicken verde there's no comparison. Literally.

The chicken verde is only available at Felipe's. Better get there before 1:30am if you expect there to be any left.

This Felipe's Taqueria meal was rated: 7.7.

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Happy 21st To Burrito Day in Los Angeles

Back in 1985, Tom Bradley, the late Mayor of Los Angeles, proclaimed that December 19th would be the official Burrito Day of LA. That makes 12/19/06 the 21st birthday of Burrito Day.

Have a cerveza for me, Los Angeles.

Disclaimer: The authenticity of the above document is unknown. Burrito Day began in 1983, allegedly, by an independent LA radio station, KXLU, and I did not find mention of Burrito Day on the official Los Angeles site.

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No Longer Under $5

Tacos El Charro used to hold the honor of selling Boston's biggest burrito under $5. This title was awarded prior to Burrito Blog's days in the scientific era - the arrival of the digital scale for weighing burritos.

It no longer matters. Tacos El Charro has raised their prices. Burritos are now $5.95, placing them out of the 'under 5' division. A new champion will be named shortly.

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Lengua Gets Another Try

I decided to pair an adobada taco with a lengua taco, one safe bet and one risk.

Adobada: marinated pork, distant cousin of al pastor.

Lengua: cow tongue, made me woozy twice before.

This was my first time getting the lengua from Taco Loco. It was diced a little smaller and spiced a little bigger than what I've had in the past. Good thing too, I think I'm finally getting used to it.

The adobada taco was delicious, as expected.

This Taco Loco meal was rated: 6.4.

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Chipotle Loves Burrito Lovers

A touching story of how one burrito lover received the object of his desire, and the generosity of an employee at Chipole.

Aaron sent this in by email along with his picture.

I purchased a burrito shirt about a month or so ago, it's very stylish. Interesting thing is though, I had never eaten a burrito while wearing it - usually a burrito just wasn't in the cards whenever I had it on.

I went into Chipotle last Saturday wearing it and placed my order for a steak burrito. When I got up to the register, the cashier told me not to worry about it.

"Huh?" was my response. She smiled and said "It's because you love burritos."
That warms my heart.

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When In Roslindale, Go To Romano's

It was late September, and I needed a haircut. But I was way too busy to be concerned with appearances, and so I waited.

Then it was mid December, and my friends and family slowly stopped recognizing me. So I went to Sebastian's Barber Shop in Roslindale, and while I was there, had to grab a snack at Romano's Pizza.

Carnitas taco, chicken tamale, and that haircut were exactly what I needed.

The taco came with hot sauce already applied, at my request. Onions and cilantro are standard; tomatoes and cheese are not.

Taco weight: 3.9 oz | Price: $2.00 | FDR: 1.95

This being my first tamale from Romano's, I didn't know what to expect. Tamales are hit or miss, but Romano's pizza had yet to let me down.

At $2, their tamale is probably less than half the size of Boca Grande's tomatillo chicken tamale ($4.25), but has all the verde sauce and corn taste. Bravo Romano's, bravo. I'll be back in mid March when the hair is long and I look like a caveman again.

Tamale weight: 4.8 oz | Price: $2.00 | FDR: 2.40

This Romano's Pizza meal was rated: 7.8.

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Real Mexican Food In The Boston Area

Many people say or email, "Yeah, ok, fine. Boston has burritos that surpassed my expectations. But there's no real Mexican food in that town."

The implication that burritos are not 'real' Mexican food is a debate I avoid. But I agree, the usual tortilla free Mexican food in Boston is pretty poor. That's what makes this exception so important.

This pork chile rellenos plate from TaQueria La Mexicana is amazing. Real Mexican food, tortilla free, and in Somerville (that's basically Boston for you out of towners). The peppers' kick is mild. The meal is made right before your eyes.

The camera phone doesn't do these stuffed peppers justice. Get it for yourself.

Weight: 20.4 oz | Price: $7.00 | FDR: 2.91

This TaQueria La Mexicana meal was rated: 8.4.

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You Call That Guacamole? I'll Sue!

A Los Angeles woman is suing Kraft Foods for passing off some slimy green dip as guacamole. The offending dip contains less than 2% avocado, what should be the main ingredient.

The avocado industry is powerful, but doesn't have the lobbying power of the peanut industry, which fondly points out that US law requires all products sold as 'Peanut Butter' to contain at least 90% peanuts. The FDA has no mandatory minimums for guacamole.

From the LA Times:

Like much of the prepared guacamole sold in supermarkets, Kraft guacamole is essentially a whipped paste made from partially hydrogenated soybean and coconut oils, corn syrup, whey and food starch. Yellow and blue dyes give it the green color.
Yummy. Reminds me of this:

See also: burrito litigation.

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Enchilada Is Big Once Again

I've been informed by Jere, A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory and The (Big) Enchilada devotee, that the implied size in parentheses is out in the open.

NYC's The Enchilada is now officially known once again as The Big Enchilada. Reportedly, portion sizes have not changed.

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