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Dry Cleaning And An Unknown Snack

I was dropping by A-List Cleaners on Harvard Street in Brookline Village to pick up some dry cleaning and say hello to owner and friend, Sheb Shumar.

Two birds with one parking spot: I'll grab lunch next door at Baja Betty's. Perfect.

Recall that Baja Betty's makes a monster burrito. I wasn't in the mood, and so decided to try their edition of my new obsession, chile relleno.

I don't pretend to be a culinary expert, so I'll default to Wikipedia for a description:

The chile relleno, literally "stuffed chile", is a dish of Mexican cuisine, consisting of a roasted green New Mexico or poblano chile pepper stuffed with cheese (traditionally queso fresco), and / or more rarely minced meat), covered in an egg batter, and fried.
Hmm. This was more like an omelet.

For comparison purposes, here are a couple (1, 2) other photos of chiles rellenos I've had the pleasure of eating. Decide for yourself. Either way, the food wasn't that good and was a bit pricey. No complaints on the laundered shirts.

Next time you're at A-List Cleaners, consider the organic dry cleaning and a different menu item from Baja Betty's.

Weight: 24.9 oz | Price: $7.25 | FDR: 3.43

This Baja Betty's meal was rated: 3.6.

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Baja California Left Me Feeling Small

Sara, John and I went to Baja Betty's today for lunch. I got the California with chile colorado and barbacoa. This thing was a monster. And by monster I mean bigger than the Chile Colorado Monster from Tacos El Charro. Designed by a burrito architect using dos tortillas, the behemoth held the heavyweight title and cost $8.25. I eat a lot, but this was a mistake.

It wasn't the best burrito, but it certainly was the largest I've seen in recent memory.

I feel pregnant, and I didn't even finish it. After 9 rounds, the California burrito had me pleading, 'no mas.'

This Baja Betty's meal was rated: 3.9.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Baja California Left Me Feeling Small

Welcome to Baja Betty's

Baja Betty's is a little burrito spot in Brookline Village (Map). I think they got going in 1997, while I was in high school. Now at that time I was an Anna's Taqueria faithful, so I only visited Betty's once.

Betty's is an import from the west coast, or so I hear. They sell some pretty big burritos.

It's also one of the only burrito shops in the Boston area with a large selection of hot sauces for sampling. They must have 40 or so on the wall. Give them a try!

Check out the official site here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Welcome to Baja Betty's