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Southwest Burritos At SXSW

Reporting from Austin, John Furnari.

South by Southwest is:
  • A music festival
  • Located in Austin, Texas
  • Abbreviated SXSW
  • Where the world first saw Hoooka, a DRM free, artist friendly way to share and sell music
Nate, Carly (pictured) and I went to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, which was expectedly amazing. But let's focus on Austin for a second.

Austin is:

  • Where you can eat at Freebirds
Freebirds makes a mean burrito, and it was right next to my hotel. In less than a week I became a regular.

Proof is in the different colored shirts.

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Welcome To Freebirds World Burrito

Though the first Freebirds World Burrito opened in Santa Barbara, CA, most locations currently in operation reside deep in the heart of Texas.

Well, this Yankee doesn't know much about the Lone Star state, but with locations in Dallas, College Station, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and the brief consultation of Rand McNally, some Freebirds are definitely in the Texas heart.

According to word on the street, there's a good amount of difference now between the Freebirds in CA and those in TX. This category applies to those in TX, and so is not filed under 'Multi-State Chains.' Plus Freebirds is privately owned and not franchised, so I don't know how much of the chain definition they fit.

Freebirds is a little trendy, trying real hard to be a good time. I appreciate the decor, but we're here for the food.

Check out the truncated menu at left and their official site.

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