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Breakfast Served Until Lunch

So says the menu at Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica, California.

John, Matt, and I went there for an early snack. For some this meant lunch. For me it was time for huevos rancheros. Breakfast.

Please recall that I've had a hard time finding good huevos rancheros during breakfast hours in the Boston area.

No matter, the TPF was a sure thing. I forgot to ask for my order sans sour cream. Fortunately the dollop was cohesive and vertical, allowing easy removal. Crema spill contained.

What a meal. Fried eggs, beans, a stack of 4 tortillas, rice, guacamole, and salsa. First meal is breakfast. Second is lunch. Third is dinner. Hours are immaterial. Thankfully I don't know how far you can stretch it until Tacos Por Favor will refuse to make your huevos rancheros.

This Tacos Por Favor meal was rated: 8.6.

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Archive: Kristin And John

Top: Kristin. Bottom: John.

While the patrons have been identified in part due to nail polish, their burritos will remain nameless. Notes were lost in the move back east. I think one had eggs, and the other potatoes, but that is speculation.

No one likes a burrito served naked (without foil) so the key at Tacos Por Favor is to get your burrito ordered "to-go" and then you get foil.

Despite the lack of aluminum included in the meal, high marks were awarded for taste and structural integrity.

This Tacos Por Favor meal was rated: 6.8.

Thursday, August 31, 2006 by Jonah. Permalink for Archive: Kristin And John

Split Second Decision: Sanchez Burrito

We arrived at Tacos Por Favor. It was late morning. I was hungry.

As a first time patron, I like to browse the options, look around, and deliberate over my menu selection. Not this time. It jumped off the page and slapped me in the face:

Sanchez Burrito...$4.05
Scrambled egg with jalapeño, tomato, onion, cilantro, rice, and beans.

No regrets.

This Tacos Por Favor meal was rated: 8.5.

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Welcome To Tacos Por Favor

Located on Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica (Map), Tacos Por Favor was a bit out of walking distance from where I lived.

Fortunately, John drove Kristin and I so we could taste what he'd been talking about. Tacos Por Favor was a lunch destination of Interscope employees, and John put them on the Burrito Blog map.

The place is pretty big and has plenty of seating. You order at the counter, and then they call your order / name a few minutes later when it's ready. A salsa bar is provided.

Located next to a small, outdoor skate park, I recommend you get your Tacos Por Favor order to go and prepare to be dazzled by some Tony Hawk inspired 12 year olds.

Click on the menu for full size.

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