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Price Hikes At Boca Grande

The Brighton location of Boca Grande hosted a price adjustment, witnessed yesterday. Chances are the ripple was felt by Boca patrons in all locations.

Though menus and placards have yet to indicate the new prices, a clear but small sign at the register cites a 30% hike in food costs (the cost they pay for unprepared food - costs to the consumer rose less than 30%) as driving the increase.

Rival Anna's Taqueria raised prices more than once before Boca responded by widening the price gap. See also: Fed Stabilizes, Anna's Raises, Consumer Price Index and Tacos, and No Longer Under Five Dollars.

I'm not sure how much yesterday's chicken grande burrito cost exactly, but it passed the $5.00 mark without sour cream or guacamole. Price comparison to follow when Boca prints up new menus.

If you want quality, you've got to cough up a few extra quarters.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007 by Jonah.