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Meet The Junior Burrito Analysts

John Furnari

Originally from Yonkers, NY, John has recently moved to Los Angeles. He seeks tortilla Mecca.

Phil Jonas
San Francisco

Boasting an amateur career in the culinary arts, Phil reports on San Francisco's burritos, representing the Northern California arm of Burrito Blog. Formerly covering Miami, Phil has written restaurant reviews for the North Miami Herald under the pen name, "Alex Jonas." He is famous for eating three super burritos in one sitting.

Anthony Morris
Washington DC

Anthony lives in the Northwest neighborhood but gets all over to try the local fare.

Burrito Chris
Washington DC

Chris lives in the Northwest neighborhood. He has cameraphobia.

Zach Morello
New York

Zach is a burrito machine. With his taste buds trained at Bueno Y Saño, he has exceptionally high standards.

Mike Schwimmer
New York / North Jersey / Philadelphia

'Big Mike' moved from DC back home to NJ in search of better Mexican food. Send NY/NJ/Philly burrito recommendations directly to Mike at his email address. Mike has an enormous Mexican appetite and is known to eat enchiladas for dinner at La Hacienda then follow it up with Chicken Quesadillas at the Empress diner.

Ethan Schechter

A fellow Brookline native, Ethan now lives in Chicago. Don't ever let this guy convince you to split a Mexican plate with him. He'll have swallowed 80% by the time you return from getting some napkins.

Ethan's standard meal is a super burrito preceded by a chili verde taco.

Dave Stuart
Washington DC

Dave Stuart can eat. I had breakfast with this guy about 4 days a week at the Australian outdoor cafe in the picture at right. While the food was not spectacular, we were both love struck by the same waitress.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 by Jonah.