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Silent Protest

I'll admit, I'd been to Lime before and wasn't impressed. I liked the owner though, and figured it needed a second chance. I ordered something called the "Big Cali." Being a California resident now, I have high expectations of something that carries a name like that (see also: a burrito called Baja California). Results were not in line with expectations.

The burrito was served to me with a grilled tortilla, in a wax paper wrapper, already a sign of poor burrito engineering. I was not asked what kind of beans I would like, and as I feared, the burrito came standard with refried, which as you probably know by now, I hate in my burrito.

Preconceived notions of taste aside, I went for it. I was sorely disappointed. The burrito was bland and starchy. Combined with the mushiness of the refried beans, I wondered if I wouldn't have been better off with the vegetarian family dinner. The worst part: the burrito alone cost me a whopping $9.30 with tax.

Then I, Phil Jonas, did something I've never done before. I left the last bite of my burrito on my plate as a silent protest of the experience.

This was one burrito I would not finish.

This Lime Fresh Mexican Grill meal was rated: 2.5.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 by Phil. Permalink for Silent Protest

Welcome To Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to go back to Miami for a nice long weekend to visit some family. The weather was gorgeous, and it was great to see everyone.

Unfortunately though, some of my family there is vegetarian.

When faced with the thought of going to a vegetarian dinner on Friday night, I new I had to take action. My plan: a quick stop at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill for a clandestine burrito ought to do the trick.

Lime originally got its start on the notorious South Beach, among the beautiful people. Just before I moved to San Francisco, they opened up a second location in North Miami Beach, closer to my stomping grounds. You can check out Lime's website here and you should because the website is pretty cool. Unfortunately, the food isn't.

They should have spent less time at the computer and more time in the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 by Phil. Permalink for Welcome To Lime Fresh Mexican Grill | Comments (1)