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Investigation Complete: Cahoots Indeed

Harry's Burritos and Benny's Burritos are, in fact, the same.

It's kind of similar to how Clear Channel owns the airwaves and gives them different names to fool you. Turn off your radio and television. The Internet is on.

Oh and by the way, Harry's was no better than Benny's.

Friday, January 13, 2006 by Jonah. Permalink for Investigation Complete: Cahoots Indeed

In Cahoots: Harry's And Benny's

The Harry's Burritos truck was spotted outside of Benny's Burritos. It was parked. This is not a coincidence.

Investigation to follow. Call me Sherlock.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for In Cahoots: Harry's And Benny's

Too Drunk And Too Loud

Please pardon my slacking.

This burrito was eaten many weeks ago. Ok about 7. Mike met up with me for some margaritas and a nice $9 burrito.

And by nice I mean average.

The burrito came served on a plate sans foil. The wrap was kind of a fold over, like when you try and flip a pancake and it goes poorly.

I'll admit, I couldn't tell the difference when I ordered the soy cheese as a free substitute. Hey, bland is bland.

The highlight of the meal was the story of Roman earning a police issued noise violation, while drunk and alone.

This Benny's Burritos meal was rated: 4.1.

Friday, September 30, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Too Drunk And Too Loud

Welcome To Benny's Burritos

Benny's was not only the first burrito place I spotted since arriving in New York, but also the first to enter the great burrito mausoleum known as my stomach.

There are two Benny's locations in Manhattan. The first night I was here I walked all over the place and spotted the Greenwich Ave location (Map) even though the Benny's Burritos on Avenue A and 6th is way closer to where I live (Map).

They've got table service and alcohol, which is nice. I think they also deliver.

There appears to be some affiliation with Blockhead's, as indicated in the locations section of the Blockhead's site.

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