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February 2009

How Convenient For Me

I don't like to shovel. I don't like the snow either. Put the two of them together and what you get is my car looking like an igloo.

Seth (pictured) and David were nice enough to pick me up and take me to Anna's MIT.

My car got to stay cozy inside its igloo. I got warmed up by a super steak burrito with extra hot sauce.

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New Unemployment Benefits: Free Burrito

If you send California Tortilla proof of your layoff, you'll get a gift card with a free burrito, plus double points for future purchases.

Those who can mail proof of termination to the company can receive a “Burrito Elito” card loaded with a free burrito. Paperwork dated from November 2008 forward is accepted.

The promotion runs through Feb. 27. Recipients are also eligible for double points on their Burrito Elito card for a month, which awards free items when purchases begin to add up.

The paperwork for the promotion must be sent to the company’s Rockville headquarters or to
California Tortilla has locations in five mid-Atlantic states plus DC.

Thanks to Tevvy for the tip.

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Location Location I'm Stuck Here

T-Rex Taqueria had just opened. Maybe they didn't have their act together.

My burrito took a while to make and somehow the hot sauce was left out. The wrap was a little messy and ingredient distribution was poor. And they only had black beans. While waiting I did enjoy the decor: an eclectic mixture of fossil logos and vintage photos of professional wrestlers.

If I were in the area I'd go back, maybe even regularly. But T-Rex is no destination.

This T-Rex Taqueria meal was rated: 3.8.

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Welcome To T-Rex Taqueria

Burrito speed eating rivals John Liu and Sheb both brought T-Rex Taqueria to my attention mere days after its opening.

Located on Cypress Street near the Brookline Hills T stop and Brookline High School, T-Rex is mighty close to competition at Boca Grande, Baja Betty's, and Anna's Taqueria. Expect nothing less from the self proclaimed king of taquerias.

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My bet is they're going after the open campus foot traffic of the high school students and municipal workers at the nearby library and town hall.

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