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Mary Had A Little Cordero Adobo

You've got to appreciate the occasional specials at Boca Grande. Not that I get tired of the 34 years worth of possible burrito combinations, but I like it when they sneak in something totally unexpected.

One day they were offering Cordero Adobo, which appears to be lamb marinated with cumin and cinnamon.

It's not traditionally served in a burrito, but I was in need of something to eat on the run. It was moist, tender, a little fatty, but completely amazing.

Hopefully we'll see the Cordero Adobo again.

Weight: 18.4 oz | Price: $4.25 | FDR: 4.33

This Boca Grande Taqueria meal was rated: 7.8.

Sunday, March 25, 2007 by Jonah.