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Although I have earlier pointed out the perils of combining tortillas and radiation based heating devices (which are safe but taste bad), some burritos are designed with digital timers in mind.

Greg, how was it? From what I remember, he said it wasn't bad. I'll get the details soon.

Oh, and his super cool shirt is available from Brandwashed.

This Whole Foods meal was rated: 4.5?.

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Welcome To Whole Foods

This spot doesn't just sell tortilla related foods, but they do offer a couple burrito options.

While some talk poorly about the corporate burritos and smile at establishments like whole foods, please remember that it is possible to serve both the customer and the shareholder (see chart).

Wholefoods serves only natural and organic foods from their 169 locations, but do they serve good burritos?

We will find out.

Thursday, August 04, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Welcome To Whole Foods