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New Unemployment Benefits: Free Burrito

If you send California Tortilla proof of your layoff, you'll get a gift card with a free burrito, plus double points for future purchases.

Those who can mail proof of termination to the company can receive a “Burrito Elito” card loaded with a free burrito. Paperwork dated from November 2008 forward is accepted.

The promotion runs through Feb. 27. Recipients are also eligible for double points on their Burrito Elito card for a month, which awards free items when purchases begin to add up.

The paperwork for the promotion must be sent to the company’s Rockville headquarters or to
California Tortilla has locations in five mid-Atlantic states plus DC.

Thanks to Tevvy for the tip.

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Cast A Vote For The Taco Party

California Tortilla, with locations in the MD/DC/VA area, is giving a free taco to anyone who shows proof that they voted. City hall records are not needed, that ovular "I Voted!" sticker will do.

Details are here.

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Hot Sauce Sampling

California Tortilla has tons of hot sauces available for sampling. I chose three. See Dick Burn was a little too red for my taste. I like the green sauces. Between the Hot 'N Horny and Mad Dog's Green Amigo, I liked the Mad Dog hot sauce a little more.

As always when mentioning the sauce, I must acknowledge the friends and expert hot sauce analysts at Hot Sauce Blog.

The many varieties of sauce are probably the best reason to return to California Tortilla.

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Honey Lime Rhymes With Crime

I asked the cashier at California Tortilla which burrito was her favorite. I'm usually not a fan of burritos with strange ingredients, but you can't argue with an expert.
Honey Lime Burrito
Grilled Mesquite Chicken, Mexican Rice, A Zippy Honey Lime Sauce, Fresh Salsa and Romaine.

Small $4.89 | Regular $5.69
I went with the regular.

Fortunately, the burrito was free, because it wasn’t that good. Nicely put, the burrito was of exceptional value. The 'zippy' sauce is kind of thick and too similar to mayonnaise for my liking. Others, who are less mayo-averse, may enjoy this burrito more than I did.

This California Tortilla meal was rated: 3.1.

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My Lucky Day

I wandered into California Tortilla in DC's Chinatown, where I was greeted with celebration, balloons, a mariachi band and a piñata. Inside the piñata, were free burritos. I was their millionth customer. Ok, that's a lie.

But California Tortilla was giving scratch tickets to customers. Mine won a 'specialty burrito.'

That's right. I'm a winner.

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Welcome To California Tortilla

My first experience with California Tortilla was about four years ago, as Big Mike and I searched the corners of the district looking for better burritos.

While we overlooked the gem of Tacos Pepitos Bakery that was right under our noses, we did happen to make it to Bethesda to try what the locals call, "CalTor." Fast forward three years. Burrito Blog is born. One year later, I return to California Tortilla.

With locations in DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, California Tortilla lacks a geographic foothold in said state of California. No matter. I get the point.

Purists may be offended by the creative wraps on the menu, but will be happy to find the plethora of hot sauces (75 of 'em) available for taste testing.

Check out the official site here.

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