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Airplane Sedative

Some time back I said there'd be a review of the carnitas burrito from 'Los.' I'll keep it quick.

Enormous, greasy, and not as delicious as I had hoped, the monster served as an adequate sedative (like this torta) for the six hour flight back to New York.

High points are awarded for unexpected intestinal solidarity; I did not have to use the tiny pooper in the jet plane.

This Los Burritos meal was rated: 5.9.

Friday, December 02, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Airplane Sedative

Company Better Than Carnitas

They say that Los Angeles is a city full of celebrities, and Mexican food.

Enter David Karlsberg, my former housemate distanced by a few years and many miles (along with Jessie, Dave, and Kristin). I ran into this kiddo unexpectedly on the second day of my west coast trip at some bar in Santa Monica.

On Sunday we met up for lunch at Los Burritos. While he got the quesadilla and questioned my judgment on consuming the local tap water, I questioned why 'Los' had been built up as such an amazing place. Maybe it was just an off day.

My company was better than my food (no crema carnitas burrito - detailed review will follow) and that's not saying much when your company is David Karlsberg. I kid.

Check out David's quality television commercials here and other work here.

This Los Burritos meal was rated: 4.8.

Thursday, November 03, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Company Better Than Carnitas

Birth Of A West Coast Analyst

The grease was slightly more than I'm used to, and had me hesitating at first about the healthiness of it all. But I made sure I kept an open mind.

Halfway through the Burrito de Carnitas with salsa, lettuce and hotsauce, came the epiphany - hands down the best tasting burrito I have ever eaten.

I went for the sun, but I'll stay for the burritos. More to come this fall from Burrito Blog's Junior Analyst, West Coast division.

This burrito was eaten by John Furnari.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Birth Of A West Coast Analyst

Welcome To Los Burritos

I went to California with dreams of golden sun, and glorious burritos.
Everyone that lives on the West Coast has a lot to say about the superiority of their Mexican cuisine. Having spent nearly every day of the past 2 years in some taqueria or other out here in the northeast, I felt like I needed to see for myself.

After a couple of mediocre experiences at some of Los Angeles's more prominent chain Mexican joints, a knowledgeable local burrito hunter led me to Los Burritos on Hollywood Blvd (Map) right smack in the middle of the walk of fame. And there it was, a home for those who search for all that is good in their taquerias. Good service, cheap prices, and a wealth of options to choose from.

This restaurant was visited by Junior Burrito Analyst John Furnari.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 by Jonah. Permalink for Welcome To Los Burritos | Comments (8)