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Your Mission: Huevos Rancheros

Location: Boston area

Mission: Eat huevos rancheros

Time: Morning

Briefing: The quest for huevos rancheros in and around Boston is both challenging and rewarding. Spoils of victory cannot be compared. Tacos El Charro in JP has some excellent huevos rancheros, but they don't open until 11. Other local taquerias that offer plated meals usually do not open early enough, or do not stock huevos (see also: huevos blancos).

Mission Recap: I saw on the door that The Purple Cactus both has huevos ranchers, and opens at 9 am. All seemed too easy. Upon exploration, only the doors and smoothie machine open at 9. The kitchen opens at 10. And huevos rancheros is available only on the weekend. And it's in a tortilla, not on a plate. And there are no refried beans.

Mission Status: Failure.

This Purple Cactus meal was rated: 4.9.

Monday, July 03, 2006 by Jonah.