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March 2011

Burrito Inflation: Cheaper Than A Lawyer

Food prices are on the rise, and burritos are no exception. But it's not worth starting a riot. Especially not if you are:

A customer's rage was uncontrollable upon discovering that each of the seven Beefy Crunch burritos were no longer $0.99, but $1.49. He fired a BB gun at employees, escaped without the burritos, and barricaded himself in a hotel room with an assault rifle. Repeated for emphasis: without the burritos.

Police tear gassed the room and apprehended the suspect, who will be charged with three counts of attempted capital murder.

($1.49 - $0.99) x 7 = $3.50

$3.50 < Attorney good enough to get this guy off the hook

Full story here. Thanks to Jessie for the tip.

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