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Deliverance Of The Queso Burrito

A little background commentary from Jonah: Qdoba fans Anthony and Mike have always taken issues with John's review of the Queso Burrito in Furnari Claims Misnomer. Mike hit Qdoba to open the debate with a review of his own:

While watching Return of the Jedi Sunday night in my apartment with my roommates Jesse and Mike and Mike's girlfriend Lisa, we worked up a Chewbacca sized appetite for Qdoba burritos.

Not wanting to miss a minute of action, we had our burritos delivered. Jesse and I got our usual chicken queso burritos. Mike got a chicken burrito and Lisa a peppers and onions burrito.

A little rain and a speedy delivery man had no ill effects on the structure of these burritos.

Beware entrants of the next burrito speed eating contest, this burrito did not last very long on my plate!

This Qdoba meal was rated: 8.0.

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The Phantom Discovers Burrito Blog

On Friday I got an email from Dan at Phantom Gourmet about Burrito Blog. For those who don't know, Phantom Gourmet is an anonymous restaurant critic ring that rates all kinds of establishments in New England on radio, print and television.

Of course, we met for a burrito business lunch - Qdoba on Comm Ave.

No, Dan is not 'The Phantom.' Dan is the man behind the curtain. And the man behind the curtain likes burritos.

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Chains Expand


This particular segment of quick-service Mexican food [is] one of the fastest-growing in the industry... Industry leader Chipotle -- owned by McDonald's Corp. and based in Denver -- has more than 320 stores, according to the Nation's Restaurant News. Qdoba Mexican Grill, based in Wheat Ridge, Colo., has more than 200 stores, according to Karen Guido, vice president of marketing, and is opening one or two a day across the country.
It looks these days like Mexican is winning the fast-casual wars. Call it the Battle of the Burrito -- metaphorically analogous to Mexico beating the French at the Battle of Puebla, commemorated by Thursday's Cinco de Mayo celebrations (which -- not to digress -- also celebrates American domination of the Margarita and Mexican beer markets).

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Furnari Claims Misnomer

On Qdoba's Queso Burrito a.k.a. Incredible Three Cheese Burrito

The incredible three cheese burrito is not all.

-John Furnari

He said the three cheeses are stored in a vat prior to application to the tortilla. Although impressed by the inventory of hot sauce, Qdoba's general quality was not enough to make the grade for this seasoned burrito sampler.

John also claims he received discriminatory stares for declining frijoles.

This Qdoba meal was rated: 2.8.

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Welcome to Qdoba

Qdoba is a large (over 171 locations in 31 states) chain burrito restaurant. It's owned by Jack in The Box. Don't believe me? Read the profile in Yahoo! Finance or this message on the Qdoba site.

It's actually quite unbelievable that a restaurant started only 10 years ago could grow so quickly to an empire, especially when they require a net worth of $3 million to open a franchise. Ok, enough corporate burrito bashing.

There’s a Qdoba in the food court in the Prudential Mall (Map), one on Huntington by Northeastern (Map), one next to The Paradise (Map) and one in Cambridge’s Porter Square (Map).

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