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The Cosmic Cantina Expert Speaks

Jessie told me to go to Cosmic Cantina. I was not so impressed, but apparently I went to the wrong one:

Jonah: so I went to cosmic cantina
Jessie: where at
Jonah: NYC. NC was just too far away
Jessie: yea, but the nyc one isnt as good, so don't judge based on that. but whatd you think??
Jonah: eh. it's on
Jessie: oh. ok this is sad, but i promise you the durham cosmic is the best
Jonah: what?
Jessie: chapel hill is next best and then nyc
Jonah: have you been to all 3?!
Jessie: yea
Jonah: you have an expert opinion! can I quote you?
Jessie: are you kidding?

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 by Jonah.