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It Was Good Going Down

Turbz had to dump some gear over at Guitar Center, so we hit Taco Bell on the way. Burrito Blog wouldn't be complete without it. This was actually my first time at Taco Bell in exactly 2 years - back in DC at J Street.

I got the Grilled Stuft Burrito. Why they spell it s-t-u-f-t instead of the conventional 'stuffed' no one was sure.

The Stuft comes out like a brick (out of the kitchen, not out of me). This makes it really difficult to get your hot sauce evenly distributed. You see, Taco Bell uses these little hot sauce packets like McDonalds does with ketchup. With most items, you just unwrap the tortilla and add your sauce, but you can't do that with the stuft.

It was good going down, but I felt really, really bad about two hours later. As mentioned in the ratings criteria, I take points away for feeling like death post meal.

PS: What is that little bubble of ooze on my burrito? I've never seen anything like it.

This Taco Bell meal was rated: 1.2.

Saturday, May 14, 2005 by Jonah.