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Stick A Toothpick In Me, I'm Done

My first Zapata Taqueria experience was a bad one. Three fatal mistakes were made in the production of my super carne asada burrito, two before I even took a bite.

1. The tortilla was grilled, not steamed. This offense can sometimes be overlooked in the case of an especially good burrito in which this is the only flaw. However, in this case the offense was magnified by the other two.

2. Indecent tortilla exposure. There was no wrapper on the burrito of any kind, aluminum foil, paper, or otherwise. As you can see from the picture, this made it very difficult to eat, as the bottom continually threatened to give out without constant attention. This added more stress to my burrito-eating experience than necessary.

3. Lettuce was included in the burrito, but did not appear on the list of super burrito ingredients. I would use the menu itself as proof of this offense; however Zapata has prohibited publishing of the menu without permission. I would certainly have ordered my burrito sin lechuga had I known.

Finally, my burrito was served with a toothpick stuck in it like a sandwich at a deli. I don't understand the point of it, and frankly, it left me confused and angry. The taste of the burrito was only average.

This Taqueria Zapata meal was rated: 4.5.

Friday, May 19, 2006 by Phil.