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Califlorida Burrito - You Do What?

Reporting from Miami, Phil.

After a quick perusal of the menu I decided on something called the "Califlorida" burrito. Allegedly, "Califlorida" is a registered trademark of Mexico Bravo. That's fine, I'm always up for the house specialty.

Only problem, the burrito came with lettuce. "No worries," I thought as I asked for my burrito without lettuce.

After waiting a while, the waitress looked at me, and then looked at the burrito she had just placed in front of me, then back at me. She informed me that she forgot to remove the lettuce, but it would just be a minute. She returned to the table with my burrito, which, until recently, had a small pile of lettuce next to it.

Feeling a bit silly, I asked if she actually removed the lettuce from inside the burrito, not just the lettuce next to it. She paused for a moment before informing me that my request was impossible. Why you might ask? Because, according to the waitress, they roll the burritos the day before, and just heat them up to order. I stared blankly at her for a moment, not knowing how to react. You do what?!

See also: Lechuga! Lechuga! Lechuga!

Also, the burrito kind of looks like a Mexican cannoli.

This Mexico Bravo meal was rated: Disturbing.

Monday, December 12, 2005 by Phil.