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Honey Lime Rhymes With Crime

I asked the cashier at California Tortilla which burrito was her favorite. I'm usually not a fan of burritos with strange ingredients, but you can't argue with an expert.
Honey Lime Burrito
Grilled Mesquite Chicken, Mexican Rice, A Zippy Honey Lime Sauce, Fresh Salsa and Romaine.

Small $4.89 | Regular $5.69
I went with the regular.

Fortunately, the burrito was free, because it wasn’t that good. Nicely put, the burrito was of exceptional value. The 'zippy' sauce is kind of thick and too similar to mayonnaise for my liking. Others, who are less mayo-averse, may enjoy this burrito more than I did.

This California Tortilla meal was rated: 3.1.

Thursday, April 20, 2006 by Jonah.