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Silent Protest

I'll admit, I'd been to Lime before and wasn't impressed. I liked the owner though, and figured it needed a second chance. I ordered something called the "Big Cali." Being a California resident now, I have high expectations of something that carries a name like that (see also: a burrito called Baja California). Results were not in line with expectations.

The burrito was served to me with a grilled tortilla, in a wax paper wrapper, already a sign of poor burrito engineering. I was not asked what kind of beans I would like, and as I feared, the burrito came standard with refried, which as you probably know by now, I hate in my burrito.

Preconceived notions of taste aside, I went for it. I was sorely disappointed. The burrito was bland and starchy. Combined with the mushiness of the refried beans, I wondered if I wouldn't have been better off with the vegetarian family dinner. The worst part: the burrito alone cost me a whopping $9.30 with tax.

Then I, Phil Jonas, did something I've never done before. I left the last bite of my burrito on my plate as a silent protest of the experience.

This was one burrito I would not finish.

This Lime Fresh Mexican Grill meal was rated: 2.5.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 by Phil.