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Highest Value Tacos: Hurry To Boloco

Yesterday John, champion of Burrito Blog's first speed eating contest, and I went and took advantage of Boloco's 3 tacos for $2 offer (coupon required).

Rather, yesterday we accepted the offer. When we go back over and over again until 10/31/06, we will be taking advantage.

Regularly priced just under $6 for 3, the tacos we decent. John had 3 steak and I mixed it up with steak, carnitas, and tofu. Unless you're really into tofu, I recommend not experimenting. It tasted fine, but was straight out of the refrigerator, and no one likes a cold taco.

Tacos came with salsa, shredded cheese, and some undisclosed, peach colored, tangy sauce. The sauce had a nice kick, but as burgers do not require Thousand Island dressing, tacos need not be similarly altered. Next time I'll get it on the side or not at all.

Unfortunately my camera phone is garbage, and you deal hunters will just have to trust me. Taco Bell's value pricing is a joke compared to this. Go.

This Boloco meal was rated: 7.5.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 by Jonah.