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Burrito Blog Speed Eating Contest #1

After some trans national trash talking between Phil and DJ Turbz regarding the rapidity of burrito consumption capabilities, the two finally met for a showdown at Anna's. Sheb Shumar, with a reputation for brief meals, requested inclusion in the competition. Enter John Liu, last minute entrant, ringer, and soon to be Junior Burrito Analyst.

Enough hype. To the tape! From left to right: Phil Jonas, DJ Turbz, Sheb Shumar, John Liu.

Stick around for the closing seconds of commentary from the contestants where John Liu delivers a proverbial chest thumping assertion of dominance.


  1. Gold: John Liu - 1:35
  2. Silver: Sheb Shumar - 1:56
  3. Bronze: DJ Turbz - 2:24
  4. Aluminum: Phil Jonas - 2:45

Super burritos were nearly agreed upon, with all participants ordering at least cheese, rice, beans, salsa, with a choice of steak or chicken. John and Phil decided to get guacamole and sour cream postulating that a favorite burrito can be eaten faster than the bare minimum.

At the weigh in, Phil's burrito tipped the scale by a moderate but non critical margin.

Burrito Blog will hold another speed eating contest, this time open to the public. Though the date is to be determined, renowned Medford dentist Dr. Steve Lentine has already registered.

Update: Seth Shuman has allegedly shown the video to the delight of Johnny Damon, expatriated Anna's Taqueria junkie.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 by Jonah.