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Web Overlords Love Burritos

A while back I met up with Todd Galloway, creator of the Fafarazzi celebrity fantasy league, a pretty excellent place that'll validate your desire to brag about how well you know the personal business of total strangers.

We went to Taco Loco in Somerville to talk about the Internet and burritos. Taco Loco is also pretty excellent, and I really don't go there often enough. As proof, I got lost on the way there. Then I lost the pictures once I returned home.

Like embarrassing secrets in Ashlee Simpson's past, the photos of our lunch have resurfaced for your enjoyment.

Tell your friends to put down their copies of US Weekly, pick up the keyboard, and have a go at Fafarazzi.

This Taco Loco meal was rated: 7.0.

Friday, October 20, 2006 by Jonah.