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Tortilla Tech: Specs And Video

For a long time we've been very focused on the outputs of the burrito making line, and have glossed over the tools of the trade.

DoughPro's DP2000 (The TortillaPro) is just too interesting to ignore.

Panchero's began using the DoughPro tortilla making machine in 1998, and has never looked back. Their tortillas are made seconds before filling application. This results in low degrees of tortilla consistency, but unmatched levels of freshness.

Oh, and we have the blueprints, kinda.

How does this crazy machine work? I'm so glad you're still reading. Because we have video of the DP2000 in action. Check out the link for the video. Note the technician in the white laboratory coat.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006 by Jonah.