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Pancho's vs. Panchero's

In light of my recent review of Panchero's and now the similar sounding Pancho's, I feel it may be helpful to review Pancho's using a compare and contrast method.

Pancho's differs from Panchero's in 3 principle ways.

  • Panchero's has more letters than Pancho's, specifically an "e" and an "r."
  • Panchero's always asks if you would like black beans or pinto beans. Pancho's never asks and simply gives you refried. In fact I didn't know they had anything else until my third visit when I noticed on the menu where it says, "Whole pinto or black beans upon request" in what I consider to be a less than obvious location. Let me be clear that I hate refried beans in my burritos.
  • Panchero's is pretty darn good. Pancho's sucks. It's hard to exactly put my finger on why, but I think the burritos at Pancho's are bland and mealy.
The picture illustrates the last quarter of my last burrito at Pancho's which was pretty much all tortilla and rice.

In short, if I worked across the street from a taqueria for 3 months and went only 3 times, it can't be good.

Reporting from San Francisco, Phil.

This Pancho's Mexican Grill meal was rated: 4.0.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 by Phil.