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America Needs Burritos

My heart skipped a beat. What would a life without burritos be like? What would you eat everyday?

Is America prepared to give up the beloved tortilla lunch and go back to burgers?

Of course not.

Imagine a world without burritos. Putting aside my own personal plight, consider how burritos are good for America.

  • Burritos increase worker productivity.
    • Establishments often have long lines and limited seating. When lunch is ordered to go, workers return to work more quickly. So says my old boss.
    • The speed at which burrito creators operate inspires me to work harder, faster.
  • Burritos are good for the public health.
    • Most burritos are grilled or steamed, not fried.
    • Carbs in the rice and tortillas give you energy. See also: worker productivity.
    • Protein in the chicken / steak / carnitas is good for your muscles.
    • Salsa is a serving of fruits or vegetables. (Allegedly corn tortillas are not a serving of vegetables. I have checked with a dietitian.)
    • Without sour cream or enchilado style serving, burritos can be heart healthy.
  • Burritos are economical food for the masses.
    • With an average price under $5.00, burritos are affordable for almost everyone.
    • Like the unfulfilled promise for a study on Guacamole pricing, Burrito Blog will conduct a frequency distribution on burrito pricing...when we get around to it.
I need burritos. You need burritos. America needs burritos.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 by Jonah.