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Some Like It Wet

I went to Taco Rico to explore their burritos. They’ve got two kinds of burritos, Big Burritos and California Burritos. There are some differences in the filling, but also difference in the size.

Stay with me here.

They offer either burrito in regular or ultra size. The smallest is the regular California. A regular Big Burrito is the same size as an ultra California burrito. Then there’s the ultra Big Burrito, which I saw some guy order. I only caught a quick look but it looked to be about the size of my leg. The guy didn’t come close to finishing it. I’ll be back for that.

This time I went with the ultra size California burrito with steak. From there I had to decide if I wanted it "wet." Wet means they cover the burrito in enchilada sauce and melted cheese for $1.70. I went for it. The burrito ended up costing $8.40, but it was big and they give you free chips & salsa with every meal. Getting it "wet" was a good call too. It was pretty good and it filled me up.

From Junior Burrito Analyst Phil Jonas, Miami.

This Taco Rico meal was rated: 6.5.

Saturday, May 21, 2005 by Phil.