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Brunch With Bostonist At Picante

I met up with Jon Petitt and Caroline Roberts of Bostonist (plus Caroline's husband, not of Bostonist) for breakfast at Picante in Cambridge's Central Square. We talked about Massachusetts, California, and the Internet. These are my kind of people.

Jon got in touch with me after seeing my huevos rancheros struggles and offered to help. Call it an intervention.

I'd been to Picante before but never for brunch. Table service on Sunday mornings. Surprise. I made a clown out of myself and ordered at the counter.

The food was only ok. Surplus tortillas were served absent a delivery vehicle resulting in unneeded sogginess. The tomatoes were a little flat, likely hailing from a can. Hey, at least the food was as described, unlike some.

Jon ordered a spinach omelet. Others in our party got potatoes instead of rice and frijoles. No buyer's remorse there.

I'd go back only because it's close and there's no line for brunch. But uninspiring taste, weekends only, and open after 10am doesn't fulfill the mission requirements.

The huevos hunt continues!

Weight: 21.9 oz | Price: $4.95 | FDR: 4.42

This Picante Mexican Grill meal was rated: 4.4.

Monday, March 12, 2007 by Jonah.