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Sign Perplexes Burrito Analyst

This sign was affixed to the glass at La Cumbre Taqueria. I don't know where to begin.
  1. What do oysters have to do with needing a lift?
  2. Why is "Need a lift?" in quotation marks? Who's posing that question, the oysters, the kangaroo, or La Cumbre?
  3. Is this sign asking the oysters if they need a lift from a kangaroo, or alerting the customer the the presence of oysters and then asking the customer if s/he needs a lift that can be provided by said oysters.
  4. Either way, why would oysters need a lift in the case of the former, and what kind of lift do oysters provide in the case of the latter?
  5. Why would a kangaroo be a logical mode of transportation for oysters? I understand that kangaroos have pouches, but wouldn't osyters be transported more efficiently by putting them in a bag and driving them somewhere?
  6. Why does La Cumbre Taqueria seem to be the only taqueria that stocks oysters?
  7. Does La Cumbre sell many oysters?
  8. Does La Cumbre even really have oysters?

My query of this sign could probably go on. If I'm missing an obvious joke here, someone please let me know.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 by Phil.