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Not Just For Dessert Anymore

Regardless of your opinion on Twinkies (I love Twinkies) it may interest you to know that in June of this year, The Hostess company released a Twinkie cookbook commemorating the 75th anniversary of the cream-filled dessert. Apparently, the cookbook contains about 50 different ways that you can mutilate a Twinkie and rebuild it into something people can take more seriously. They call these "recipes."

Why should you care? In addition to some interesting dessert-related recipes such as "Strawberry Twinkie Jubilee," "Banana Java Twinkie Supreme," and, of course, "Twinkie-misu," Hostess also offers "recipes" for creative, non-dessert sounding items such as "Twinkie Kebobs," "Twinkie Lasagna," and "Hostess Twinkies Sushi."

Included in the latter category are also "recipes" for "Twinkie Tacos" and "Twinkie Burritos." So far my imagination has been unable to wrap itself around what a Twinkie Burrito might look and taste like, but my initial reaction is that I'm a little grossed out. Twinkie's website does however provide a picture and recipe for the Twinkie Tacos, available here.

If anyone finds a picture and/or recipe for the Twinkie Burrito, please let us know. I'm unwilling to pay the $10 it costs to buy the cookbook on Also, if anyone gets the opportunity to sample either the Tacos or the Burritos, I'd love to hear feedback.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006 by Phil.