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Mini-Me Oversees Chopping Operation

The inside of La Cumbre Taqueria is somewhat unremarkable. A gigantic guitar, approximately 15 feet in length (not functional), adorns the wall, but blends in with a collections of pictures and various knickknacks. The requisite Virgin Mary can be found in a balcony over the door, and a life-size cardboard cut-out of Mini-Me perched in a small balcony on the opposite wall. But let's get down to brass tacks.

La Cumbre Taqueria is the first taqueria I've been to so far where they chop the steak and chicken to order. As anyone even superficially versed in the culinary arts probably knows, cutting meat too prematurely causes the juices to run out, and the meat to dry out. Waiting several minutes to cut the meat after removing it from heat allows the juices to settle within the meat, and not as much is lost when the meat is finally cut.

It was very refreshing to see La Cumbre utilize this technique. The result in my Carne Asada super burrito was a juiciness and tenderness of the meat that I hadn't experienced since Anna's Taqueria. The rest of the ingredients were pretty average, and made for an average burrito overall, but points are definitely awarded for La Cumbre's culinary prowess.

This La Cumbre Taqueria meal was rated: 6.5.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 by Phil.