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Phil's Chorizo Home Game

When we got food in college, we had two types of meals: home games (meals taken to go back to our house), and away games (meals eaten at the restaurant). This El Buen Sabor meal is an example of the former, illustrated by the brown paper bag containing one super chorizo burrito atop my kitchen table.

I hadn't yet had a chorizo burrito, though it's a very common meat choice here in San Francisco, and that was enough to pique my interest. For a remarkably comprehensive definition of chorizo, check Wikipedia. For the more concise version, Mexican chorizo is ground pork sausage with chili and other spices added.

The chorizo in question is distinguished by its red color.

The result? Unique and delicious. If you like sausage, you'll love it. If you don't like sausage, you might still like it since the other ingredients, especially the sour cream, temper the sausage's potent flavor, though it remains very much recognizable.

This El Buen Sabor meal was rated: 7.0.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 by Phil.