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Burrito Triple Play From Big Mike

Whenever I travel food is usually my main concern. Whenever Mitch and I travel together we pretty much revolve our days around eating. We were in town to visit Justin who left the east coast for better burritos and a furniture-less apartment in Chicago a few months earlier.

Being from the NY area, the calm of the Midwest usually does not excite me but after Jonah's experience at Angela’s and Justin issuing the La Bamba's, "Burritos as big as your head" challenge, I was excited for the good times and good food. After a night of drinking Friday I decided to try Flash Taco, the local burrito hot spot in Wicker Park.

I got my usual: Chicken Burrito, no tomatoes. I could not have been more pleased (Burrito #1).

Sunday we planned on eating breakfast, then heading over to La Bamba for their famously large burritos before my flight back to Newark. A 20 minute wait to be seated at a local breakfast joint was all the motivation I needed to try a breakfast burrito at Flash Taco instead.

This time I invented my own burrito-Chicken Burrito with eggs, hot sauce, no tomatoes (Burrito #2). It was so good we hung around Wicker Park a little longer so I could get one more burrito (to go, Burrito #3) on my way to the airport.

I called in my order to go so I could pick up the burrito on the run to O'Hare.

Flash Taco knew it was me calling when they heard the request for no tomatoes and eggs on a chicken burrito.

Do yourself a favor if you find yourself in Wicker Park. Get the Big Mike Burrito Special: chicken burrito with eggs, hot sauce, no tomatoes. You won't be disappointed.

Reporting from Chicago, Big Mike.

This Flash Taco meal was rated: 8.0.

Sunday, May 14, 2006 by Jonah.