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The Sour Cream Tumor

I ordered the carne asada burrito from Tacos Pepitos for the first time without thinking. How foolish.

One bite in, sour cream alarm went into code white. Crema comes standard on the carne asada burrito from Tacos Pepito's Bakery. Boo!

But I was really hungry. Could anything be done? Could the sour cream tumor be removed?

Not only am I Lead Burrito Analyst, I am Lead Burrito Surgeon. Scalpel!

The lengthwise incision revealed the burrito had been poorly rolled. Never has such poor ingredient distribution been so appreciated. The sour cream tumor was removed. Procedure status: success.

This Tacos Pepito's Bakery meal was rated: 5.8.

Friday, April 21, 2006 by Jonah.