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Code Name: S-CH 3

Initial impressions of Taqueria El Toro: Impressive.

The place was very clean inside, and during normal lunch and dinner hours, pretty busy. The menu board was huge, and professionally done. I looked around for a minute and decided there was nothing left to do but step up to the counter. I ordered a super chicken burrito, no lettuce, and no tomato. No tomato does not mean no salsa; it means no additional sliced tomatoes.

An attentive lady who took my order got to work fixing my burrito alongside other hardworking, burrito-fixing ladies, all wearing matching uniforms.

What she produced was a pretty large, tightly wrapped burrito that I like to refer to as S-CH 3, in reference to the code she wrote on it to identify it to the cashier. I assume the "S" stands for super, and the "CH" for chicken, but I admittedly have not figured out what the 3 stands for.

In any event, the burrito was pretty darned delicious. It filled me up, no question, and all the ingredients seemed pretty fresh. I was quite pleased to know I had El Toro at my doorstep.

However, I do have two complaints about the burrito, which keep it out of the category of outstanding. First, there was something slightly off about some of the vegetables that were in there. I tried to figure it out and to the best of my ability, I think there were too many onions for me. It seemed a bit acidic. Second, these burritos are not cheap. I'm not saying they're not worth what they cost, but a super burrito at El Toro Taqueria will run you just shy of $8.00 That seems to be on the higher end of the burrito cost spectrum.

Still, El Toro receives very good marks.

This El Toro Taqueria meal was rated: 8.5.

Saturday, March 25, 2006 by Phil.