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A Taco Bell Rip Off

Taco John's has the genuine feel of a Taco Bell rip off. Taco bell is 7 years older than Taco John's (1962 vs. 1969), and I think I know with which brand people are more familiar.

However, Taco John's distinguishes themselves on one key point: Potato Oles. Jen raved about the Potato Oles. In fact, many of the burritos on the menu came with Potato Oles inside them, though they are also available as a side dish.

It turns out, Potato Oles are tater tots.

I elected not to order any, but to instead sample someone else's. They tasted like tater tots.

I had a Chicken Quesadilla which was good, and a Super Burrito (pictured) in homage to Anna's Taqueria. This will be the last time I use Anna's and Taco John's in the same paragraph.

For being what it is, Taco John's made a decent lunch.

This Taco John's meal was rated: 3.0.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 by Jonah.