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Welcome To Sabroso Taqueria

Located in the middle of Boston's Downtown Crossing (Map), Sabroso Taqueria offers window service to the local shoppers and busy bodies.

Apparently they opened up in early 2005. That's great, because there's really no where that suits my palate in this area of town.

Fajita's & Rita's is only a few blocks away, but that's a little more serious - as in table service.

Sabroso has the process figured out. They use the same tortilla steaming technology as Anna's Taqueria, Felipe's and Boca Grande. Check it out next time you go wander around the Boston Common.

Click on the menu for the full size version. I have no idea what their hours are. I didn't seem them posted and it's not on the menu so call before you go. Oh wait, the phone number's not on the menu, either.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005 by Jonah.