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Welcome To Currito

Currito is a national franchise chain operating in nine states: Arizona, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, and Washington. The origins of Currito were difficult to track down, even for a sneaky Internet hombre (me).

Headquartered in Ohio, Currito's first year of operation was difficult to glean. Their website was written in Latin as recently as July of 2007. No, Currito does not predate English; websites are often mocked up with Latin before the real content is written. By August 2007, the site noted seven locations in five states. So we'll guess they opened doors spring / summer 2007.

A few options here.

  1. Urban Dictionary said 'Currito' is what you get when you try to spell 'Burrito' with T9 on certain mobile phones.
  2. A Spanish-English Dictionary states: currito, -a, masculine or feminine noun, 1. (ordinary) worker (informal) (peninsular Spanish)
  3. The Currito site repeats the phrase "Currito serves the cure for the common burrito." Oh? I didn't know it was infected.

The Currito menu (official pdf) features chicken, steak, or tofu fillings in one of many worldly wrap styles: Teriyaki, Mediterranean, Cajun, Buffalo, and Bangkok. Thankfully they also have what they call Uncured The Classic, which comes with beans, cilantro lime rice, cheese, and salsa. They also sell a bunch of smoothies.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009 by Jonah.


Looks identical to the The Wrap... errr... Boloco.

Posted by: seth at January 25, 2009 08:57 AM

Yeah the similarities to Boloco are puzzling. The menus are almost identical, and the websites have a very similar feel.

Posted by: Charlie at January 26, 2009 09:26 AM

given point #3, I wonder if it's pronounced cure-ito or if it's rhymed with 'burrito.'

Posted by: Anne at January 26, 2009 12:06 PM

You obviously don't know how to use the internet:

Posted by: anonymous at February 6, 2009 10:09 AM

was lucky enough to visit this place once. what can I say.. good service, tasty buritos:) still I agree that this chain must be broadcasted to Europe! as soon as possible.

Posted by: Mhunter at May 20, 2010 02:56 AM