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Eyes And Taste Buds Disagree

The MexiCali burrito at MexiCali Burrito Co. at $6.25 comes with 1 filling, 2 toppings, rice, and beans. This allows for what may be my most frequent burrito ordering configuration: meat, beans, rice, salsa, and guacamole. That means no sour cream, no cheese. Lactard style.

Eyes: This wasn't the best looking burrito. Poor ingredient distribution shows the rice on the right, meat and beans on the left, and the guacamole folded in the lower part of the photo with tortilla on both sides. And a lack of structural integrity.

Taste Buds: I really liked it. I ordered their chile colorado, which is spicy pork in guajillo chili sauce. I devoured this thing.

I'll have to return for a second opinion to settle the eye / taste bud dispute.

This MexiCali Burrito Co meal was rated: 7.3.

Saturday, September 06, 2008 by Jonah.