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La Gata Likes Pork Tamales

La gata, named 'The Baby' chows down on a pork tamale from Boca Grande Taqueria. Note: the pork tamale is nowhere near as delicious as the tomatillo chicken tamale, raved about here and here. The pork just doesn't come close. It's such a distant second, I recommend avoiding it.

The Baby technically belongs to my roommate. Check out the dialogue:

Me: I'm going to put The Baby on Burrito Blog and link to that story you wrote about her for your college newspaper. She's gonna be totally famous.
Tevvy: Wait - you should link to her MySpace page instead!
Me: (in disbelief) The Baby has a MySpace page?! What's the URL?
Tevvy: I forget...can you look it up if I give you her email?

Stalk The Baby on MySpace or watch the love story of Baby and Mancat on YouTube.

Claire, a native speaker, explained that female cats are not called el gato, and that you can't make a burrito out of a cat.

This Boca Grande Taqueria meal was rated: 4.4.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 by Jonah.