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Tortilla Supply Chain: Harbar LLC

Back in high school I dreamed up dumpster diving plans to find the producers of Anna's raw ingredients. They never materialized, but I do see the Famoso Foods truck outside the Harvard Street location all the time.

The Boston Globe ran a great article about restaurant suppliers last week. By restaurants I mean taquerias, and by supplies I mean tortillas.

Harbar LLC tortillas, available in stores under the name Maria & Ricardo's Tortilla Factory - and as the shell of choice at Anna's Taqueria, Boloco, and many other local places...the reasons that the demand on Harbar's 60 employees for 250 kinds of tortillas is so high.

Harbar tortillas are sold under private labels in many markets. Maria and Ricardo's brand are available at Harvest Co-op Markets and Whole Foods Markets (10 wheat or corn tortillas cost about $2.50)
The full article goes into some serious depth about tortilla manufacturing.

Heidi Maria Hartung, founder of Harbar, you are the Henry Ford of my world.

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Friday, October 13, 2006 by Jonah.