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Hot Sauce Application Analysis

Application of hot sauce has always been a point of contention among burrito fans.

There are two prevailing theories:

  1. Pre Production | Applied by burrito constructor
  2. Post Production | Applied by burrito consumer
Personally, I prefer my hot sauce added in pre production. Here's a little pro / con analysis, because I'm a dork.

Pre Production Pros:

  • Strong distribution with ingredients
  • Care free eating experience
  • One handed operation
Pre Production Cons:
  • Cannot season to taste
  • Limited choice in hot sauce variety
Post Production Pros:
  • Season to taste
  • Sample multiple sauces per burrito
Post Production Cons:
  • Poor distribution
  • Repetitive application required
La Taqueria offers squeeze bottle hot sauce applicators at each table. Restaurant owners, take a lesson: this rocks. It's way better than a salsa bar and easy to control.

Plus La Taqueria is delicious, which doesn't hurt.

This La Taqueria meal was rated: 8.5.

Thursday, June 08, 2006 by Jonah.