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Welcome To Pili's Tacos

Benitos was just so close. We never really explored as we should have.

After a bad Benitos experience (sadly went unmentioned on Burrito Blog) where John and I got beef tacos after midnight, we decided it was time to look for new sources of tortillas.

We spotted Pili's on Santa Monica Blvd. What a find. We have a new home (Map).

Pili's is a little on the dirty side, but that's nothing new. Every restaurant in California has a card in its window indicating its cleanliness, A, B, or C. Most everywhere has an 'A.' If you get a 'C' the state closes you down. Pili's has a 'B.'

Well, well, well, 'B' is for Burrito.

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Monday, March 06, 2006 by Jonah.