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Burrito Blog On The Washington Post

Last week Burrito Blog was mentioned in Sunday's Washington Post. They were doing a story on 'Non-Chain Burritos' and consulted Burrito Blog as an expert in the field.
It seems no local street corner is safe from "Chipotle creep," a phenomenon that has made the burrito chain almost Starbuckian in its ubiquity. But if you'd prefer to get your carb-and-cheese fix from Mom and Pop instead of the Man, don't despair. There are plenty of indie spots in the area serving up fresh, authentic and downright innovative burritos.

Just ask Jonah Feld, who runs Santa Monica-based, a compendium of his and his pals' "burrito eating adventures" across the country. Feld went to George Washington University (he loved the Well Dressed Burrito, below) and recommends sussing out local joints in your neighborhood and beyond. Burrito hunting "is a great way to explore," he says. Plus, smaller eateries often offer unusual fillings that you won't find in the corporate chains. (Goat, anyone?) "There are so many varieties, you can have a different burrito every day," Feld says.
They picked out these places in and around DC which I'll have to check out soon:
  • The Burrito Joynt, 6113 Franconia Rd, Alexandria
  • Casa Blanca, 1014 Vermont Ave NW
  • El Charrito Caminante, 2710A N Washington Blvd, Arlington
  • La Sirenita Restaurant, 4911 Edmonston Rd, Hyattsville
  • The Well Dressed Burrito, 1120 19th St NW
You can find a link to the article here, though it may expire soon.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006 by Jonah.