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In Fairness, Bone Found At Anna's

There's some bad blood between Anna's and Boca Grande.

A few months ago, Greg found a bone in his chicken ranchero burrito. A loyal Boca Grande foot soldier claimed this was impossible, and accused me of planting the evidence via email:

I'm going to have to call you and your website a big liar...If you'd like to admit that you brought this bone yourself, just to hold up for your picture, I would certainly appreciate it. If you can present me some proof of the bone, I would also listen.
Well buddy, other than the photograph, I'm afraid I'm out of proof.

In fairness, I found a bone in my boiled chicken quesadilla at Anna's, pictured above.

In chicken that is boiled, small bones sometimes escape detection.

I do not carry them in my pockets.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 by Jonah.